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Welcome to College Funding Resources

Unfortunately, our phone rings after the parent retires and realizes that the way they paid for college is now causing a retirement income crises. Then there's the parent that realizes after the second year of college not enough was saved and the 401k will now be raided to make up the difference. Then there is the student who received high grades and test scores but did not received the money that was expected. All of these family scenarios are real and are not the exception but the norm. They are all suffering because they did not know the Rules of Funding. Our goal is to assist you through a step by step process that will lead to a zero net cost plan. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. For those who believe in planning, we will teach you the Rules of Funding through strategy. Follow the Rules of Funding and anyone can design a zero net cost plan. Why? The Rules are in your favor. The Rules will provide maximum funding. The Rules protect the parent despite having to assist their child with paying for college. Are you ready to follow the Rules of Funding? Watch the videos below, then visit our seminar section.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: To abolish the need for and the negative consequences of student loan debt.