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Thursday, November 3
@ 6:30p - 8:00p

 26677 Twelve Mile
Southfield, MI 48034

Learn How to Position Your Student for a Full Ride Seminar

This is a straight forward seminar that focuses on attracting and maximizing access to funding directly from the largest sources without looking for it regardless of income and assets. It also exposes the real reason why students do not get their fair share of funding. Parents and students should attend this seminar together.

There should not be an expectation of quick tips, overnight solutions, or someone who gets you money. The planning strategies reviewed focus on acquiring the maximum amount of total funding including a full ride and 100% tuition paid opportunities without the need for outside resources such as scholarships from a corporation or nonprofit.

This session focuses on planning for grade 8 through September of the high school senior year. Students that are in the 8th through 10th grade will have an advantage over older students. Families with high school seniors or students that are in college should call the office directly for an immediate appointment at 248-230-9668.

Families that follow the planning strategies have typically received between $300,000 - $500,000 in funding. This does not mean that a full ride was received in every case. As an extra bonus, my 101 Strategy Guide will be provided complimentary.An offer for one on one coaching with a Personalized Aid and Funding Report will be made available at a cost.

                      Class Description

  Class Fee is $20.00 Per Family of Three

                                                    Money Back Guarantee

Complimentary Session

HBCU Online Seminar 

Wednesday, October 5 @ 7:30p -8:45p

Featured schools for this session:


Tennessee State

Alcorn State

What should parents and students expect?

-         College planning questions answered
-         A brief bio of each school’s history and curriculum offered
-         Straight talk beyond rumor and hearsay
-         The latest scholarships, admissions requirements and more

You Must RSVP no later than 6pm Wednesday, September 14

The above registration will send a link once it is completed.


Scholarship Research Class

  What EVERY Student and Parent Needs to Know about Accessing the 3 Billion Dollar Pool of Money  Regardless of Income, Assets, Age, or Choice of College!


          26677 Twelve Mile, Southfield, MI 48034

 $29- If registration is within 5 days of the event-  $39 afterwards
                   Payment MUST be made for registration to be valid.


Learn How to Pay Zero for College Seminar
  Thursday, September 8 @ 6:30p - 8p

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Complimentary Session

Thursday, September 22 @  6:30p - 8:00p

 Live Session - 26677 Twelve Mile, Southfield, MI

Financial Aid is a Strategy

Learn How to Create a Debt Free College Funding Exit Strategy



How to Pay Zero for College for Real Estate  Investors, Self Employed, and 1099 Recipients

            Thursday, September 1 @  7:30p - 8:00p

                 Complimentary Online Seminar

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All classes are money back guaranteed. If within the 1st 30 minutes you feel that we did not fulfill what was promised, you can leave the class and a refund will be processed through the medium it was paid.

If the refund option is exercised, it will take PayPal a
few days to provide a refund to your account.


If you need to cancel your registration please contact us within 24 hours at 248-230-9668. This allows us to invite others to attend as seating is limited.