College Funding Resources

College Funding Resources

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Welcome to College Funding Resources

Avoid raiding your retirement account and savings to pay for college. At College Funding Resources in Farmington Hills, Michigan, we utilize three pools of funding to assist you in designing a zero net cost college plan. We help you identify the red flags in your current financial plans that hinder your scholarship opportunities.

Our Philosophy

  • We do not believe that the cost of college is the problem.
  • You do not have a funding problem.
  • Never ever use your own money first.
  • Every student can obtain 100% of funding, regardless of the typical barriers they are programmed to believe.
  • Parents can recover all or a significant part of every dollar that is used to fund college.
  • Student loan debt should NEVER be a first option.
  • Student loan debt is optional.
  • When college costs rise, "So What, Big Deal, Who Cares!"
  • Tuition Reduction Planning¬© is the great equalizer for everyone who chooses to follow it

Through coaching, we will show you how to fund 100% of your college expenses and recover your out-of-pocket cost.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate, empower, and affect the lives of college students.