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Wouldn't it be nice if you knew how to fund 100% of the cost of college regardless of your Income, GPA, and even if your students are  currently in college?

Why fall for the myth of going to college for free when you can learn how to pay zero for college?

Why do parents love us and the community trust us? Read this!

Community Events
Selected as a Money Smart Week Kick Off Breakfast Panelist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Selected as an expert host for the Detroit Free Press Web Chat and their 3 page news article Crushed by College Debt!
Jeff was a featured expert panelist at the
WWJ / 950am 
Michigan Money Summit
w/ Host of Fox 2 News Murray Feldman.

He was able to give clarity to some of the common fallacies that cause parents to over pay for college.

To contact Jeff Taylor directly, call 248-230-9668 or by email, click here.


Jeff shares cutting edge Tuition Reduction Strategies© at the Troy Rotary Club.

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Thanks to your assistance,
 our scholarships have risen $2,000,000.00!
Southfield Public Schools

Parents build wealth by reducing their cost of college
From: G. Allen

Subject: RE: Nice to see you.

To: College Funding 

Hi Jeff, 

My daughter leaves for college this Saturday and I wanted to get back to thank you for all your help. As you will recall, her grades were not great but she had good test scores. The help you gave us lead her to being accepted at 13 schools that offered her a 4 year total of $454,616 in scholarships.  Making her final pick of a college was hard with so many choices. Once she made her final choice, I used another tip you gave me to negotiate an additional $1000. You have been a true professional through the entire process and a tremendous help to my family.  

Thank you. G. Allen

Being a single mom with a decent income, I knew that my financial situation would disqualify my daughter for any potential assistance. Despite that you were able to assist us. Out of a $36,000 tuition bill my out of pocket costs are only $1,500. You have been a stress reliever! Paying that will not be a problem at all.
R. Baynes
Here's What Others Have Said! ( More Testimonials)
"Your services are mission critical! To my knowledge, there is no other program that provides such an exhaustive approach for the needs of students. As a professional that has worked for a college for several years, it's amazing that I didn't know many of the strategies that you offer. I need to do everything I can to let others know that your services are available".
S. English Mi.  - University Professional

"Jeff you have been a blessing to me and my daughter. Without your help, I don't know what we would have done without you. It was very distressing as a single mom trying to figure out how I would send my child to college but you took that burden from me. Thank you. You were there for us when we needed you the most". 
D. Daniels Mi. - Parent & Educator
Hi Jeff,
Thank you for speaking with me and my wife today. You have an incredible understanding of all the uses pertaining to college. It was an eye opening experience to spend time with you.
I am looking forward to speaking with you soon.
Thank you  very much again,
L. Shaykhet
What the internet says
There are 3 basic reasons why parents hire us:

1. They want to avoid the expensive mistakes that other parents have made.
2. They want to substantially reduce or completely eliminate the entire cost 
     of college.
3. They want to minimize or eliminate their dependence on student loan
4. They want to use other people's money 1st and minimize or eliminate 
    the need to use their own funds.

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Our Philosophy

1. We do not believe that the cost of college is the problem!
2. You do not have a funding problem!

3. Never ever use your own money 1st!

4. Every student can obtain 100% of funding regardless of the typical barriers they are programmed to believe!
5. Parents can recover all or a significant part of every dollar that is used to fund college!
6. Student loan debt should NEVER be a 1st option!
7. Student loan debt is optional!
8. When college costs rise, "So What, Big Deal, Who Cares!"
9. Tuition Reduction Planning© is the great equalizer for everyone who chooses to follow it!
If you follow what we coach, we will show you how to fund 100% of college and recover your out of pocket cost!
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Certified Specialist, Jeff Taylor has helped 100s of families reduce their cost of college by 1,000,000s of dollars without searching for scholarships.
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How to Fund 100% of the Cost of College Regardless of Your Income, GPA, Grades, or Assets, Even If Your Students Are In College!
   The College Cost Crisis
Did you know that....
  • Only 15% of entering freshman graduate from college within 4 years?
  • More than 50% of students transfer or drop out by the 2nd year of college?
  • The number of students that are taking 6+ years to acquire an undergraduate degree is increasing?
  • A college degree will easily cost OVER $100,000 for each of your children?
  • Student loan debt will double every 10 years after the interest is calculated?
  • Parents are raiding college savings and retirement accounts which puts them at grave risk in their later years.
  • Forms are being filled out with negative consequences to both the parent and the student.
What Decisions Are You Making Unintentionally That Will Cause You And Your Child To Fall Into One Or More Of The Traps Listed Above?
What Steps Are You Missing?
How Much Will That Cost You and Your Child Today And Over The Next 5 years, 10 Years, 15+ years?
How Will You and Your Child Recover?
Shouldn't We Be Talking To Help You Avoid The College Cost Crisis?
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