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153 Strategies To Beat The High Cost Of College
This book covers a broad range of college planning concepts that are not commonly known. They are designed to substantially reduce or completely eliminate the entire cost of college. This book includes 1 hour of professional coaching with a Certified College Planner, a DVD that covers many hidden college planning secrets, two tickets to an online seminar that takes you through the book, and a scholarship search kit with over 50 different scholarships.
Price: $11.97
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Mini College Planning Boot Camp - College Planning Secrets Revealed- Monthly 30 Minute Coaching Session, & Weekly Emails & Online Seminars Covering Important College Planning Tips. This is a monthly fee and can be cancelled at any time.
If planning for college was not a secret then why are so many parents and students in the dark regarding the college planning process? Although we strongly do not recommend this program as a substitute for an in depth college plan, it is designed to provide college planning tips and ideas on an ongoing basis. This program comes with 1 hour of coaching from a Certified College Planner, and the Scholarship Search Kit with 50+ Scholarships.
Price: $19.97
Scholarship Research Class
Online or Onsite 90 minutes Seminar
Price: $49.00
How to Pay Zero for College
This is power packed full of step by step strategies that focus on the Pay Zero for College system. It is a compilation of over 5 hours of planning sessions. Parents and students don't need more information. What's missing is solution based planning. This seminar series is an introduction to that process. Paying zero for college is a choice that's accomplished through strategic planning.
Price: $59.99