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 Business Owners and Real Estate Investors Can Learn How to Accumulate $100,000 for College 
Pre-Taxed, Debt Free, and Tax -Free

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Wednesday, April 26 @ 6:30p - 8:00p

29777 Telegraph (Onyx Plaza - Conference Center) Southfield, MI 48034

Learn how the government has already provided thousands of dollars in aid to the self-employed through the tax code. In this amazing session, Certified College Planning Specialist Jeffrey Taylor will walk through a case study that will demonstrate how these little-known but powerful strategies can significantly improve the ability to make college more affordable, put money in the parent's pocket NOW, and position the parent for thousands in need-based funding despite earning 100k+.

One strategy can easily provide over $10,000 in annual benefits without regard to choice of college, grades or test scores plus the money that the colleges provide. You can easily fund college, private school and extracurricular activities.

Parents with younger children will find this session to be especially helpful as the techniques are time sensitive and provide an extra benefit to those that start early.

After the registration is completed, a link for the call will be shared shortly thereafter.


Learn How to Uncover the Highest Funding Schools & Position Your Family for a Full


Saturday, April 8 @ 10a -11:30a

29777 Telegraph (Onyx Plaza - Conference Center) Southfield MI 48034

Many high school seniors will be shocked and surprised in the early part of 2017 when the award letter arrives. Despite having great grades and scores, only 3% of students will receive a full ride. 

Unfortunately, thousands of dollars will have been forfeited because the financially best-fit schools were not chosen.

This class will provide a brief introduction to the planning steps to avoiding missing out on the best-fit highest funding schools.

This session is for parents with 8th - 12th-grade students. The financial benefit of this strategy can exceed $300,000 even up to $1,000,000.



ACT/SAT Tutor Prep
Saturday, April 8 @ 10a -11:30a

Learn What to Do BEFORE Tutoring and Why Our Students Crush Test Readiness Despite Saying, "I'm a Poor Test Taker!"

Our Step by Step Process Provides GUARANTEED Results!

This class MUST be attended by all students.
Students between 8th and 12 grade MUST attend this class.

Millions of Dollars Received in Scholarships!!!


 Group Sessions are Provided by Reservation

Scholarship Research Class

 What EVERY Student and Parent Needs to Know about Accessing the 3 Billion Dollar Pool of Money  Regardless of Income, Assets, Age, or Choice of College!

Each student will identify at least 25 best-suited scholarships that can be applied for immediately and learned o build an unlimited list of scholarships.
 $25- For a family of 3 - $10 for each additional student
Discount Extended - $25 for each family of 3


All classes are money back guaranteed. If within the 1st 30 minutes you feel that we did not fulfill what was promised, you can leave the class and a refund will be processed through the medium it was paid.

If the refund option is exercised, it will take PayPal a few days to provide a refund to your account.


If you need to cancel your registration please contact us within 24 hours at 248-230-9668. This allows us to invite others to attend as seating is limited.