College Funding Resources

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       Why Debt is NOT the Problem- Online Night Session - Only 30 minutes

                        Monday, April 23, at 8pm ( Eastern) and (Pacific)

This class is designed to talk specifically about the principles of solving the college funding problem. We will review a case study then provide the mechanics on the how and why the results were obtained.  Each week a different case study will be reviewed.  

This class is for late stage parent with students in the 11th through college.                            Please RSVP below and a link will be sent to your email. 

         PAY ZERO FOR COLLEGE FUNDING Q and A  Open Forum 

                                         Online Session

              Every 1st Monday at 9pm Eastern and Pacific 


This is an open forum session where Certified College Funding Specialist Jeffrey Taylor will answer your questions live. Parents learn new and exciting methods for tackling the cost of college while learning the basics of designing a zero net cost plan.

                                                                              Please RSVP below and a link will be sent to your email. Also, feel free to leave 

                                                                              your question.

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Free Seminar - Learn How to Avoid Forfeiting Financial Aid Due to the Divorce Decree

Divorce is a very stressful time for all that are involved. Bad decisions can lead to forfeiting thousands of dollars in college funding. This session will expose those errors and review a few steps to avoid making costly mistakes.

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San Diego Parents College Planning Unintended Consequences Online Seminar

Saturday, April 28 at 10am -11am

(RSVP Below)

Certified College Funding Specialist Jeffrey Taylor provides irrefutable evidence of why the masses overpay for college, parents raid their retirement funds, and students become college dropouts and are bankrupt by age 22. 

His contrarian approach to solving the college funding problem has saved families millions of dollars while avoiding the unintended consequences so many fall into. Be prepared to take notes and follow the homework assignments. He will address each of the points below from a compelling factual perspective where the viewer will be challenged to verify the information being provided.

Jeffrey will review:

- Why looking for money is a waste of time

- Key timeline facts for attracting funding 

- How the wealthy easily fund college and how every family can follow their strategies

- Steps parents can take to avoid raiding their retirement

- Why 70% of students will be drop out of college and be bankrupt by age 22

- Why the government is the biggest provider of free money for all incomes

- Why traditional approaches to saving are destroying families 

RSVP no later than 4pm Friday, April 27 at Once your RSVP is received a link will be sent to your email.

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How Business Owners, 1099 Earners, and Real Estate Investors Can Accumulate $100,000 for College and Retirement Tax FREE

                                          RSVP Below

                  Saturday, May 5  @  10am - 11:30am Eastern 

Onyx Building - 29777 Telegraph Rd. Ste. 1550 Southfield, MI 48034


West Coast Online Session - Saturday, April 28 @ 10a. -11:00a (Pacific)

This seminar is a must for the real estate investor, self employed, and   

                                                                              business owner with college bound children. 

This group of professionals forfeits thousands of dollars that are available through early strategic planning. The government is the biggest ally to this group and has provided nearly an unlimited number of dollars in the form of government rules that when implemented properly can fund college, business needs, and other financial needs. These are far better than a traditional grant as they are not connected to a particular college. There is no grade point average or test scores required. Certified College Funding Specialist Jeffrey Taylor will walk through a series of case studies and their corresponding IRS rules. Parents with children between age 7 and 17 will find these strategies most helpful.

RSVP below for the next seminar.

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            Understanding the FAFSA and the Financial Aid Process




                                 West Coast Online Session 


This is one of the most powerful sessions in our arsenal of classes. As it provides a real life perspective of how the aid process works regardless of the Trump administration cuts on education. If you do not qualify for need based aid, this session will be most favorable for you. 

The seminar will contain solution-based strategies that teach the parent how to cut the cost of college by at least 25% regardless of the student's academic strengths or scholarship eligibility. Parents will learn how to financially prepare to send their child to their 1st school of choice without hurting their current or future lifestyle.  

Here's what you will learn:

1. How to use little know strategies that are hiding in your tax return

2. Why the FAFSA is your friend when earning more than 100K per year

3. How to use the FAFSA as a scholarship tool 

4. How to attract funding and never waste time looking for money

5. The secret to never being penalized for saving for college

I promise that this session will not waste time talking about fictitious free money or relying on the government. Each strategy will be reviewed carefully along with the next steps.

Our sessions fill up quickly. Arrive at least 10 minutes early. RSVP is a must. Online attendees will receive a special link for attending the online version of this session.