College Funding Resources

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About the Company

College Funding Resources in Southfield, Michigan is the brainchild of circumstances. In the early 2000s, after a significant downturn in the market, many families reached out to our founder, Jeffrey Taylor. They were looking for college funding answers. Despite his 15 years of planning experience at that time, Jeffrey was not trained to help families with comprehensive college funding. This was a humbling experience for him.

Jeffrey’s mentor reminded him of how important it was to acquire the necessary training to be the ultimate problem solver. He then decided to pursue a certification in college planning and found it to be an amazing experience as it provided him with the training and expertise needed to help families with extraordinary results. Thus, College Funding Resources was born in 2007.

Get to Know Jeffrey Taylor

Jeffrey Taylor is a certified college funding specialist. He is known to be a highly trusted advisor with impressive credentials. With over 29 years of planning experience, he has developed a system that assists parents and students in paying zero for college by designing a zero net cost plan.

Community Events

Jeffrey has been selected as a guest panelist for the Michigan Money Summit with host Fox 2 News Murray Feldman. He was able to give clarity to some of the common fallacies that cause parents to over pay for college.

Jeffrey was also asked by the Detroit Free Press to be an expert panelist for their seminar on the trillion dollar student loan debt crisis, and was selected to be a guest panelist for the Money Smart Week.

In addition, Jeffrey has provided services for or has been mentioned by the following:

  • Gail Perry Mason Money Camp
  • Association of Michigan CPAs      
  • Southfield BBB
  • 950AM Radio Michigan’s #1 College Planner
  • 910AM Word Network
  • Troy and West Bloomfield Rotary Clubs
  • Southfield Schools (Scholarships Improved by $2,000,000)
  • State of Michigan
  • Host of Churches, Groups, and Various Organizations
  • Rainbow Coalition (Rev. Jess Jackson)