College Funding Resources

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Helping You Reduce Your College Costs Significantly

At College Funding Resources in Southfield, Michigan, we encourage all families to be prepared to pay for college as only 3% of students receive full-ride scholarships. We accomplish this by focusing on cash flow as well as other non-traditional strategies that are designed to create a zero net cost effect.

What does it mean to pay zero for college? It’s simple. Our planning is a systematic solution-based process that focuses on following the rules of funding. Those rules are implemented through time-sensitive strategies that are called modules. Each module solves a problem in the planning process.

Please review the following modules for a comprehensive overview of our services.

  • Risk Assessment
  • Protecting the Present and Future Income
  • Funding Strategy
  • Financial Aid as a Planning Strategy
  • Positioning the Student for a Full Ride
  • Attracting Funding vs. Looking for Money
  • Strategic Debt Selection and Hyper Elimination

The College Cost Crisis

Did you know that....

  • Only 15% of entering freshman graduate from college within four years?
  • More than 50% of students transfer or drop out by the 2nd year of college?
  • The number of students that are taking 6+ years to acquire an undergraduate degree is increasing?
  • A college degree will easily cost OVER $100,000 for each of your children?
  • Student loan debts will double every 10 years after the interest is calculated?

Additionally, parents are raiding college savings and retirement accounts which put them at grave risk in their later years.

Forms are being filled out with negative consequences to both the parent and the student.

Avoid making decisions that will cause you and your child to fall into one or more of the traps listed above. Attend our upcoming seminars to learn strategies that will significantly improve your ability to make college more affordable.

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