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Helping You Reduce Your College Costs Significantly

At College Funding Resources in Southfield, Michigan, we encourage all families to be prepared to pay for college as only 3% of students receive full-ride scholarships. We accomplish this by focusing on cash flow as well as other non-traditional strategies that are designed to create a zero net cost effect.

What does it mean to pay zero for college? It’s simple. Our planning is a systematic solution-based process that focuses on following the Rules of Funding. Those rules are implemented through time-sensitive strategies that are called modules. Each module solves a problem in the planning process.

Please review the following modules for a comprehensive overview of our services.

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Risk Assessment


Parents with college bound children, in college, or paying student loan debt can benefit from this strategy.

Financial Benefit

Parents can see financial results of tens of thousands and greater in the acquiring of funding, cost reduction, and avoiding costly mistakes

 Complimentary 15 - minute phone chat

Unfortunately, more than 50% of entering freshman will become college dropouts by the end of the second year of college. Most of these students have no plan to pay their student loan debt and become functionally bankrupt by age 22. Parents will raid their retirement accounts to offset the unexpected gap in funding. Many of these parents will also take out loans that they will carry into their retirement years. These are only a few of the consequences that follow those that take unnecessary risks, are blindsided by sticker shock, and are not ready for the high cost of college.

The Risk Assessment is a 90-minute interview with a written summary which exposes hidden risk factors, uncovers mistakes, and identifies red flags that most certainly lead to expensive unintended consequences. It also identifies highly profitable funding opportunities that are available. This process is quantified with general numbers in each category that reflect your risk factors and opportunities. We then use these findings to walk through the relevant modules needed to design a zero net cost strategy.

Parents can request a 15-minute complimentary phone chat as a pre -discovery conversation to determine if the Risk Assessment makes sense for their situation. During our chat, a few questions will be asked. The following conversation will organically reveal what the next step should be. Afterwards, the parent can make an appointment to complete the assessment by utilizing this link.

Exit Strategy - Know Your Numbers

Regardless of a student’s top grades and scores, less than 1% of entering college freshman will receive a full ride. The typical gap in funding ranges between $10,000 -$40,000 per year depending upon the school that the student talked the parent into. Most parents are hit with sticker shock when the bill arrives. This module prepares and protects the parent from this gap in funding. A written Exit Strategy is developed which includes tactics that protects the parents present and future income, substantially reduces the cost of college, funds 100% of college with the government’s money (regardless of the income of the parent), and recaptures 100% of what is paid for college. This strategy includes an extensive report that includes a personalized step by step accounting of the financial benefits of following this strategy.

Financial Benefit

Completely eliminates the negative impact of paying for college and recaptures 100% of the cost of college while transferring the cost of college to the parent’s current and future lifestyle needs

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Parents with college bound children, children in college, or paying student loan debt can benefit from this strategy.

Financial Aid as a Planning Strategy

Financial aid is a collection of rules that have timelines, restrictions, and requirements. The family’s awareness of these rules and timely action will determine how much funding is accessible regardless of the family’s household income. This module reviews the different types of funding, your eligibility, and the mechanics of maximizing access to these dollars. This module is an extension of the Risk Assessment.

Positioning the Student and Family for a Full Ride

Looking for money to pay for college is a huge waste of time! The traditional thought is to wait until the college bill arrives and then begin to look for money. This line of thought leads to disappointment and financial disaster for decades. This module focuses on the step by step approach to attracting the maximum amount of funding regardless of the income of the parents.

Financial Benefit

Up to 100% funded with zero out of pocket for tuition and room and board


For families with students between 9th -11th grade (12th* grade before November)

 Complimentary 15-minute phone chat 

Strategic Loan Selection and Fast Elimination

The gap in funding that surprises many parents is often paid with Parent Plus Loans that may be offered by the college. Although this may be convenient, over time this decision will drain retirement reserves and create additional financial hardship for the parent. This module is a step by step guide to selecting the most efficient debt and then creating a solution that accelerate the pay off all the debt of the parent in a fraction of the standard time frame often with no change in the parent’s cashflow.

Financial Benefit

Up to the entire cost of college and the debt recaptured and eliminated fast


Parents of any age with debt and parents that will be utilizing debt to fund college

Financial Benefit

Up to 100% of the cost of college, 100% debt eliminated, and 100% of that cost recaptured and monthly cash flow with no debt

Strategy Fee

$149 –  Complimentary 15-minute chat 

Tax Scholarships and Other Benefit for Real Estate Investors and Business Owners

Business owners and Real Estate Investors forfeit thousands of dollars in funding because they do not know that the government favors them with tax benefits that can reduce the cost of college, create cash flow, and improve aid eligibility. This module provides a step by step assessment of how to maximize funding opportunities that otherwise have been over looked. Some strategies can be sued to fund college and private school with government assistance regardless of the grades and talent of the student. Some tax scholarships do not require college attendance.

Financial Benefit

Depending on the age of the ( business owner/ real estate investor) parent's student, the strategies can net a financial benefit equivalent to thousands of dollars per year


Each scholarship has a time requirement. Delay will lead to forfeited dollars.

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